Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova visited the Independence square: photo

Российская телеведущая Дана Борисова побывала на Майдане Независимости: фото

Scandalous TV presenter Dana Borisova, which has actively supported the annexation of Crimea, came to Ukraine. She participated in the TV show, and in between filming staged around the capital.

Appropriate staff Dana Borisova shared on the official Instagram page. In the article the presenter admitted that her trip is not a tourist. Leading took part in the filming of the entertainment project “4 Brats”, which will be released on the TV channel “Friday”. Lou Ferrigno acted as a star mentor, what joy said network.

Successfully starred in the role of mentor in the project “4 Brats”. Can’t post pictures with girls and to tell the details of the shooting, because you signed the contract. But what I heard from them and saw their faces, and those hugs and tears of farewell with me, it touched… say Goodbye to Kiev. And once again, the city has made me a good, good impression. Although, maybe I was lucky,
– ambiguous wrote Dana Borisova.

Famous Russian propaganda, which openly supported the aggressive policy of the Kremlin and visited the Independence square and the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Dana Borisova walked through the streets of the capital accompanied by their supporters, who organized for her trip.

I wonder what got the Russian to Ukraine freely. According to her, at the border crossing asked her standard questions about the purpose of the trip and checked Luggage. But the fact that Lou Ferrigno in August of 2017 visited the annexed Crimea and declared it Russian, Ukrainian border guards and security service has not taken into account.

By the way, about the meeting with border guards and customs. They went twice in 3 nights half and half 7 in the morning, asked, of course, questions and a little shocked things. But let in Kiev, is calm, quiet and peaceful. So everything here! We are for peace and friendship,
– said Dana Borisova.

In addition, the Russian leading announced that before leaving, plan to meet with their star friends. In particular, with the singer Vitaly Kozlovsky. Also Dana Borisova told that Kiev is a very special city, because there she lived for 3 years when he starred in the project “Star + Star” and “Blondes in the pen.”