“Russian world shrinks!” Tsimbalyuk angered outrageous accusations against Russia

''Русский мир сжимается!'' Цимбалюка разозлили наглые претензии России

Russian journalist Vladimir Tolstoy cynically said that “Russian world” outside of the aggressor was allegedly too small and requires action for the extension.

Imperial utterances of a fan of the Putin regime angered Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsimbalyuk. In his video blog on YouTube, it reminded the descendant of the legendary writer Leo Tolstoy about how the occupiers have expanded their “Russian world” only in the last five years (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end).

“Russian world” beyond Russia has been steadily shrinking! And how we act today, not only allows to stop, but even slow this process”, – was indignant Colon.

Tsymbalyuk responded to a blatant attack propagandist indisputable facts about the occupation of Crimea and Donbass. He suggested that the Russian rhetoric confirms only one thing – Russia does not intend to be limited to these areas.

“There is a room at the “Comedy club” where the two arrossisco patriot arguing over which of them loves Russia. And one of the tasks is to narugami the Russian Federation, to reproach her. One of the criticisms is that Russia is expanding slowly. The last time they occupied the Ukrainian Crimea and Donbass. Well, you see, the area of usage of Russian language “shrink” them a little, they continue to suffer!” – angry Tsymbalyuk.

  • earlier, the speaker of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova also accused Ukraine of oppression Russian-speaking population. She allowed herself to compare Ukrainians with the Nazis and unreasonable to accuse them of persecution of Russians.
  • Tsymbalyuk reminded her of what the outcome “protect the Russian-speaking population” in the Donbass.