Russians can deprive of the right to healthy food

Россиян могут лишить правильной здоровой пищи

Since the beginning of the next year inhabitants of Russia will be able to see on the shelves of much loved organic products from abroad.

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, from the beginning of next year will come into force the law “On organic production” according to which all organic products must be sold only with sertifikatami of the Russian Federation.

To obtain a Russian certificate imported products can not, because the mechanisms do not exist, therefore imported products and say goodbye to the Russian consumer.

In this regard, the Executive Director of “RusBrand” (includes Nestle, Danone, PepsiCo, etc.), Alex Popovici sent a written message to the head of the Ministry Dmitry Patrushev with a request to settle the points to get certificates. In his letter, specifically says that otherwise the products will have to be removed from the shelves, and the buyer will be deprived of healthy food. Also Popovichev notes an important economic component of this process.

Executive Director of the National organic Union Oleg Mironenko recalled that foreign organic matter present in Russia with a wide range and fell in love with the Russian consumer.

He was supported by head of quality, sustainable development and environment of “GIPERGLOBUS” (develops hypermarkets Globus) Polina Murashkina. According to her, a favorite with Russians, organic food is now in any super – and hypermarkets in our country – these are the brands of baby food like Hipp, Nestle (Nan), and others.

According to Magicforum, organic products (bioproducts) are useful: first, they are grown without using synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, artificial food additives and genetically modified foods (GMOs); second, they are produced without the use of harmful technologies.

Bioproducts prefer due to the fact that they are more than 50 percent filled with vitamins and mineral nutrients. They contain no harmful substances.