Russia’s chief physician urged to give up alcohol during viral infections

Главный российский терапевт призвала отказаться от алкоголя при вирусных инфекциях

Chief specialist of therapy and General practice, Ministry of health, Professor Drapkina stated that in no case should not drink alcoholic beverages when influenza and acute respiratory viral infections. It is especially dangerous to drink alcohol, even weak, at high temperature.

According to the expert, the main component of alcohol – acetaldehyde – has a negative impact on the body. In particular, causes tachycardia, increases blood pressure. All this is especially dangerous in the period of the disease when the body works with the increased load. Even small doses of alcohol can cause serious consequences, says Drapkina.

In addition, alcohol reduces levels of vitamin B12 that is crucial for brain and weakens our immune system. That’s why treatment alcohol is contraindicated.