“Rust instantly”: Experiences from the operation of the car shared by the owner of Geely Emgrand

«Ржавеет моментально»: Впечатлениями от эксплуатации авто поделился владелец Geely Emgrand

The owner of Geely Emgrand 2013 release gave details on one of the car forums, what happened to “Chinese” in two years of operation.

Bought a used Geely Emgrand author only a couple of years ago. The car is equipped with 1.8-liter engine paired with a CVT, and he passed at the moment, 75 000 km – although the user has shared his suspicion that the mileage is likely to wound.

The weakest point of the Geely Emgrand is the paintwork too quickly it rusts. As told by owner, rust appeared on the rear wing, with the inner part of the door at the bottom, above the sill, under the rear rooms of corrosion is exposed to any, even the small chip. And chips appear also very easy – the whole hood “Chinese” they are on.

As for the interior, leather trim it a little shabby, but, according to the author, she was such to buy. Overall the car is comfortable, roomy – the manufacturer claims it as the car of D-class. The owner said that he with the growth of 178 cm very comfortably sleep in the back seat, before kneeling remains. But the heat down there, despite the fact that finishing leather, and in winter the “soft spot” can freeze. Although the climate control in the car there, and the cabin is not cold. Music lovers host “Chinese” was advised to change the speakers due to poor sound quality of the audio system.

The owner said that for a year he managed to change the wheel bearing, engine mounts, as the vibration began, and front brake pads. The author also advised the replacement of the rear suspension to pay attention to the diameter of the piston rod in the old he is 10 mm, and the new release for 12 mm, and if you don’t find any, you’ll have to change everything with the prop and washer. The author writes that the oil change had already spent nearly 12 000.

Parts owner Geely Emgrand buy Chinese original, but anyone who is not satisfied with their quality, recommend to buy Korean analogues or parts from Toyota.

The author summarized his opinion by the fact that the car pleased with it, starts without any problems even in the cold, drive it, fuel is consumed to the extent of about 6 liters.

In response, other users were questioned, with so many faults the car is really assembled in China: “I work in the Chinese truck, if the Assembly is China, the quality is there. But if collected in the CIS, so expect surprises.”

«Ржавеет моментально»: Впечатлениями от эксплуатации авто поделился владелец Geely Emgrand

«Ржавеет моментально»: Впечатлениями от эксплуатации авто поделился владелец Geely Emgrand