Ryaboshapka accused the Gorbatyuk in inefficiency and conflict

Рябошапка обвинил Горбатюка в неэффективности и конфликтности

The former head of special investigations of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Serhiy Gorbatyuk is an inefficient employee and benefits from flared up around his person conflicts, said General Prosecutor of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka in interview to the edition “Left coast”.

Explaining the rejection of a recertification Gorbatyuk to prosecutors from improperly executed application, Ryaboshapka declared that supposedly for several hours explained the head of usr the meaning of re-certification and how to pass, however, Mr. Yan decided to do things his own way.

“Why do that? Obviously, Gorbatyuk benefit from the conflict. Gorbatyuk and conflict are synonymous. We cannot put an equal sign between Gorbatyuk and efficiency, the result of the work, but the “some” is equal to “conflict”. The constant creation of himself, the image of a victim allows you to protect yourself from everyone,” explained riaboshapka.

With regard to the ineffectiveness of Gorbatyuk, then the attorney General referred to the results of the work of his division.

“From 14.5 thousand volumes of cases accumulated over 5.5 years, 8 thousand relate to the events on the Maidan. And the rest is not clear why.There – who knows what. That is half of their working time they were not doing what should have been,” said riaboshapka.