S-400 have? The head of Regardie gold could fly to Turkey to enforce the “Putin’s missile”

С-400 надо? Глава Росгвардии Золотов мог полететь в Турцию для насаждения «ракет Путина»

Probably a new round of Russian-American conflict on the territory of Turkey moved to the “personal” level.

The head of Regardie Viktor Zolotov arrived in Turkey. Sources report that the visit is a mere formality. In the program of the Russian delegation included a visit to the Academy of the gendarmerie, coast guard, and brigades special forces of the Turkish Republic, as well as meeting with interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and commander in chief of the gendarmerie Arif Cetina.

The agenda was not announced, however, a rare meeting of representatives of Russia and Turkey without the pressing question: s-400 have? Probably, with this question the head of the delegation of Russia Viktor Zolotov could fly into an allied country.

Recall that the first year the Turkish authorities are trying to sit on two chairs. Heavy role in the Syrian conflict only fuels her recklessness on the arms of the Russian-American market. Turkey struggled to develop the military industry, and for greater security it buys arms from Russia, the United States.

The double standards of the Republic put her in constant conflict with both sides bidding. However, the Russian military-industrial complex almost managed to persuade Turkey to his side. As reported earlier media reports, all the rumors about the desire of Turkey to abandon the “Putin’s missile” – s-400 – are false. Rather, Ankara will take us the shackles in the fifth generation fighter F-35.

Zolotov role in the auction, probably fastening. From the commander of Asgardia may only need to impose the purchase of s-400 and to ensure the consent of the Turkish side in the Russian conditions.