Saad Amine Habboub analyzes the offers

Accused of attempted murder on a member of his family, Saad Amine Habboub continues to analyze his case.
“I had discussions with the prosecution for a possible settlement. We analyze the offers, “said his lawyer Ramy El Turaby during the return of the case in court on Thursday at the courthouse in Sherbrooke.

At the beginning of the legal proceedings, Saad Amine Habboub was declared fit to face the judicial proceedings following a first psychiatric evaluation.

“I took steps for an expert on criminal liability. There was an initial expert opinion that he has mental health problems. A counter-expertise remains possible if we do not find common ground for a settlement, “explained Mr. El Turaby to Érick Vanchestein of the Court of Québec.

Cited at his trial

Habboub was summoned to his trial on five counts of attempted murder, dangerous driving, threats, armed assault using a car and carrying a weapon for a dangerous purpose for November’s events. 2017.

It is not possible to reveal the identity of the victim on file.

The file has been postponed to September 14th.

It is Me Laïla Belgharras who represents the public prosecutor in this case.

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