Saakashvili: We threw Bush under the feet of a hand grenade. And it didn’t explode! The chance that the needle does not hit the detonator, is one of the 10-15 thousand

Саакашвили: Нам с Бушем бросили под ноги ручную гранату. И она не взорвалась! Шанс, чтобы игла не попала в детонатор, - один из 10-15 тысяч

The ex-President of Georgia, head of the Ukrainian Executive Committee of the reforms of Mikhail Saakashvili in an interview with the founder of the edition “GORDON”& Mr Gordon spoke about the assassination attempt on arriving in 2005, Georgia U.S. President George W. Bush.

“He called me Sak… And he called me almost every week, we were at the White house on an official visit each year, he came to Georgia several times a year, we met with him. Once he arrived in Tbilisi. And it was a truly historic visit,” – says Saakashvili.

The story of the grenade happened the next day after the arrival of the American President.

“Was the speech, gathered 150 thousand people….They broke through the cordon, and a lunatic by the name Arutyunyan threw us a hand grenade. It fell somewhere under my feet… the scene… the legs of a small child who was standing there. And exploded! And then the police grabbed her, ran and covered the body… But she, thank God, did not explode. It was a typical RGD”, – told ex-the President of Georgia.

According to him, investigating the incident, the FBI said that “the needle must press the detonator and it explodes”.

“The chance that the needle does not hit the detonator, is one of the 10-15 thousand. In General, in a fraction of a millimeter that the needle stopped. I asked the FBI: “do you think this is a technical malfunction?”…They say “100% Providence.” Such faults do not happen” – said Saakashvili.

The politician from Georgia said that Bush then “generally” not afraid, “was very calm”.

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May 10, 2005 during a speech Bush at the Freedom square in Tbilisi threw a grenade RGD-5, she fell 30 metres from the stands and exploded. RBC noted that the investigation revealed: the grenade did not explode because of the red handkerchief in which is wrapped munition. Kick at a throw was soft, and the details of the grenade was rotten and failed.

Grenade resident of Tbilisi, Vladimir Arutyunyan was detained subsequently, during the detention he was wounded four times. He confessed to the crime. Harutyunyan was sentenced to perpetual imprisonment.

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