Saakashvili’s party will take part in the elections to the Parliament: we already know what number

Партия Саакашвили будет брать участие в выборах в Раду: уже известно под каким номером

The Central election Commission on the ballot the party of Mikheil Saakashvili “movement new forces.” Will stand this force at number 22.

The decision of the CEC adopted at the meeting of 30 June, which was held by the Chairman of the authority Tatyana Slipachuk. As here explained, as before, the CEC has registered the party “new force”, following the decision of the Supreme court, the question arose about the appropriate amendment on the ballot.

Therefore, according to the law should be re-draw among the parties with respect to sequence numbers in the Bulletin. However, after consulting with representatives of all political forces which agreed to participate in the parliamentary elections, the CEC decided a draw not to.

The Commission take this step explains the fact that most of the representatives of the parties during the meeting spoke about the lack of legal grounds to conduct a re-draw. They also pointed to the fact that during campaigning widely used numbers under which the party placed on the ballot. So their change may cause “voter confusion and distortion of the will.”

In addition, according to the electoral law, the above drawing must be held before approval of the form and text of the ballot (at the current special election no later than June 26, 2019). When the ballot is approved, to recover it legally impossible.

“Given the above, the Commission considered it appropriate to include in the ballot for voting at the extraordinary elections of people’s deputies of the position in respect of the political party “Movement of New Forces Mikheil Saakashvili,” No. 22, not the draw. At the same time, CEC noted that this will ensure the full implementation of the political party of the rights and opportunities of participation in the electoral process. And will not violate the rights and interests of the political parties, candidates and other stakeholders and participants in the electoral process. Therefore, considering the above, the Commission has made changes to the CEC Ordinance on the form, color and text of the ballot,” said the CEC.