Safe dose no? Suprun debunked myths about alcohol and reminded about the dangers

Безопасной дозы нет? Супрун развенчала мифы об алкоголе и напомнила об опасности

Ulyana Suprun told about the dangers of alcohol and debunk some of the myths about alcohol.

Acting Minister of health Suprun said that alcohol does not protect against depression, as is commonly believed. Teetotalers and alcoholics have about the same chances to develop depression – 70% and 80%, respectively.

She also noted that “to be able to drink” is bad, because the person does not notice the damage to the body alcohol. To be able to drink means that your enzymes alcohol dehydrogenase skillfully destroy the alcohol. And during this alcohol the liver becomes acetaldehyde – a compound toxic to the body.

Another myth regarding alcohol is that there are safe dose. In fact, it does not exist. Also alcohol does not prolong life, as written in many blogs and articles.

Do not combine coffee and alcohol. Also remember the effects of alcohol on your body. It increases the risk of cancer of the pancreas, esophagus, liver, rectum, breast. Also alcohol impairs the ability to think logically and rationally.

Alcohol alters genes involved in cholesterol metabolism, maintenance of vascular integrity, neuroplasticity, and receptor of neurotransmitters.

By the way, scientists have found a new way to treat alcoholism.