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Чи безпечний розпис хною - 24 Канал

Painting with henna has long been used for conducting religious rituals. In Ukraine is gaining popularity of henna, but it was used mostly for beauty.

Safe is painted, are made with natural henna, writes

It put on belly pregnant skin and children. Real henna, which is safe to use orange, often with red or brown tint.

Чи безпечний розпис хною - 24 Канал
Natural henna is safe

Experts warn about the dangers of black henna containing high levels of toxic chemical dye, which often causes skin irritation.

The paste contains the ingredient PPD (PPD). In European countries this substance is used to produce hair dyes.

Чи безпечний розпис хною - 24 Канал
Black henna contains a dangerous ingredient

To the skin black henna with this component can cause chemical burns and lead to allergic reactions. The main symptoms of allergic reactions on the skin: itching, burning, throbbing, swelling.

In extreme cases, this painting may result in swelling, swelling and permanent scarring of the skin.

Чи безпечний розпис хною - 24 Канал
Black henna: the danger

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