Said, what blood group “loves” the coronavirus

Сообщили, какую группу крови "любит" коронавирус

People with II blood group were more susceptible to disease coronavirus. A study was described in an article posted in the repository of preprints medRxiv.

An international group of scientists announced the most vulnerable from COVID-19 blood group after studying the genetic material of 1980 patients. Patients treated at the seven medical centers of Spain and Italy. Experts said that the carriers of the second group is really the least protected against coronavirus infection of the new type.

Scientists have suggested that the increased risk of developing COVID-19 may be associated with particular mutations, characteristic for the second group of blood. For the observed mutations is increased blood clotting. The disclosed data showed that those of the first group of blood rarely become infected with coronavirus.

The study, according to physicians, will help improve the efficiency of medical care during hospitalization coronavirus patients and improve preventative measures. A Preprint of the article is in the online library medRxiv and has not yet passed peer review.

Earlier, the head Federal mediko-biological Agency (FMBA) Veronika Skvortsova said that Russia is most vulnerable to coronavirus patients with the second group of blood. Skvortsova suggested that this may be related to the high prevalence of this group. In mid-March, Chinese scientists reported that blood group affects vulnerability to coronavirus infection of the new type. It turned out that people with the second blood group is 1.2 times more likely to develop COVID-19, with the first group – 1.3 times less.