Salary not paid – which plants in Melitopol millions of employees owe

Зарплату не платят - какие заводы в Мелитополе миллионы сотрудникам задолжали

More than four million hryvnias owed to its employees, two former engineering giant – plant “GidroMash” and “Rema”. Both now have no chance at revival and “feed” the workers with promises to return the money, if you sell the property.

According to first Deputy mayor Irina Rudakova, total wage arrears in Melitopol is 4 million 161 thousand hryvnias. Plant “GidroMash” have 3 million 386 thousand UAH. 175 employees, of which 135 have long dismissed the remaining 40 continue to work – for the most part is the protection. Plant “refma” should be 775 thousand hryvnias 43rd laid-off workers.

– If to speak about “GidroMash”, it does not actually work. Repayment of wage arrears is due to the sale of commodity-material values. The state property Fund has included this entity in the list of objects to be privatized in 2020.

Melitopol plant of refrigerating machinery “refma” from February 1, 2019, is under bankruptcy. Today there are activities on preparation of the property for sale. After the sale of the property, the debts under the salary promise to pay, – said Irina Rudakova.

WITZ-the mayor noted that vacant area “Remy” (over 16 hectares) city fit for the industrial Park. Its creation lead 2018 at the initiative of the LLC “Satex industry”. Today there are already working enterprises, opened a large Department of “New mail”, etc. the project of creation of a modern exhibition center, which will occupy a territory of more than 2000 square meters. There will be organized a permanent exhibition of Melitopol manufacturers. And the project the city is implementing with investors – the United States Agency for international development (USAID).