Salt on the neck will dissolve: a recipe for healing bandages

Соли на шее растворятся: рецепт лечебной повязки

Armed with potatoes, honey and fir oil is eliminated cervical osteochondrosis. We are talking about diseases of the spine, which leads to the immobilization of the hands and feet.

The cervical are nerves and arteries. When the disease wears down cartilage tissue, people suffering from pain. The feeling is compared to dental treatment in advanced cases. To prevent changes of the cartilage and suffering use compress, which will remove cervical osteochondrosis.

Before applying the bandage rubbed the potatoes. The plant is then mixed with honey in equal shares. Then dumped natural remedy on a sheet of paper and attach it to the neck. The bandage is attached to the body with a towel. You can use a scarf, because it is important to keep warm. Keep the bandage on for two hours, and after removing the neck smear oil fir.

Relief comes because the potato draws out the inflammation of the vertebrae. Honey brings the “problem areas” vitamins and minerals. Improving blood circulation in the skin and relieves the pain in the vertebrae. Oil of fir “restarts” the body at the cellular level. As a result, the vertebrae are updated and become healthy. So potatoes and honey, the pain will go away.

To reduce the risk of osteochondrosis it is recommended to regularly exercise at the gym. An active lifestyle improves blood circulation in the body. Whereby salts in the cervical spine are not stored.

Low back pain is not just discomfort, but real danger to human life. In advanced cases, the disease causes stroke and heart attacks, which kill millions. Therefore, when pain in the neck it is recommended to visit a doctor. The disease is diagnosed through x-rays and MRI.