Same place, same car

То самое место, такой же вагон


In the forest of Compiegne, the leaders of France and Germany unveiled a memorial plaque on the spot where 100 years ago an armistice was signed that ended the First world war. In an exact replica of the car of Marshal Foch Emmanuel macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel signed the “Golden book” of visitors.

The armistice was signed at 5am on 11 November, the fighting stopped after six hours. On the last day of the war were killed, wounded, and missing, 11 thousand soldiers on both sides of the front.

Marshal Foch chose Compiègne forest as it is believed, because of its isolated location, to avoid possible humiliation to the delegation of German officers.

In 1940, Hitler chose this place and the same car to announce the capitulation of France, after which the original car was burned. French restorers in the 1950’s set up exactly the same.

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