Samsung came up with a weird gadget: “the big-screen and a flexible body”, photo

В Samsung придумали странный гаджет: «большой экран и гибкий корпус», фото

In the United States has information about the new product from the South Korean giant manufacturer Samsung Group

The office of the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) has registered a new patent from Samsung. The document describes a “device display” – a strange gadget, which flexible display.

Registered patent describes only the product design, therefore, specifications are not disclosed. But it can be assumed that Samsung is working on a hybrid smartphone and handheld game console, reports 3DNews.

The folded device resembles a book in which the flexible screen is used as a cover not to damage the “inside devices”. While on the side of one of the halves of the housing according to the schematic drawings, there is a small hinged section: there are the physical controls d – pad and array of buttons.

Thus, when folded, the gadget easily fits in your pocket. To unlock the device, users will get access to a large screen for running games, multimedia viewing or comfort applications. About when Samsung can provide the working device with the described construction, not reported.

Samsung Electronics announced the beginning of mass production of flash memory-type eUFS 2.1 capacity 1 TB for smartphones.

This is the first module of this type and of such capacity. The module size is 11.5 x 13 mm. It offers twice the volume compared to the previous solution, Samsung 512 GB. It consists of 16 layers 512-GB flash memory V-NAND and a new proprietary controller.

With this drive users can store smartphone up to 260 ten-minute videos in 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels). For comparison, when using the most common capacity on a flash memory of 64 GB the smartphone can store up to 13 is the same as the video.

Resource 91mobiles released an official image of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy S10 to S10+. That is, this is not the renderings, created based on insider leaks, namely pictures from the official press materials from Samsung.

Official images of the Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy S10 S10+ show us exactly the same design which we saw at the recent living pictures: the finest frames and screens Infinity O with a small (round and oval from S10 have S10+) holes (single and dual) front camera and a triple main camera.

В Samsung придумали странный гаджет: «большой экран и гибкий корпус», фото

В Samsung придумали странный гаджет: «большой экран и гибкий корпус», фото