Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 can leave August 5, and be waterproof

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 может выйти уже 5 августа и стать водонепроницаемым

After appeared the first Samsung Galaxy Fold, interest in foldable smartphones has grown. At least due to the fact that technology has become real, people believe in it and understand that it is not just concepts. Already at that time it was possible to create real operating samples. Now technology is evolving and that companies will not change their vector, suggests that they too believe in “clamshell”. In the Network, you can often find comments that “I don’t want to be a tester for your money”. But no one said this, when the first iPhone or the HTC Dream. Then all on the contrary rushed to the new technology they developed. Are now developing the device. Now it became known about a new, already third, a folding smartphone Samsung something interesting.

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  • 1 Fold Galaxy 2 will be released this year
  • 2 Will Galaxy 2 Fold waterproof
  • 3 Cheap version of the Samsung Galaxy 2 Fold
  • 4 What will be the Galaxy 2 Fold
  • 5 Features Samsung Galaxy 2 Fold
  • 6 How much will the second generation Galaxy Fold

Fold Galaxy 2 will be released this year

Back in April, Samsung hinted that it will release not only the new Galaxy Note, but the second generation of the Galaxy Fold. We now understand that given what is happening in the world, the event will be held in online format. Interestingly, the last Unpacked event, which showed the line of Samsung Galaxy S20, was the last traditional event, which was held in the hall, crowded.

Now we have reported that the new presentation will be held on 5 August this year. It will show the same Galaxy Note and Galaxy Fold.

Interesting premise this presentation and what the company has become hostage to the situation from which it is necessary to get out somehow. Samsung Galaxy Note is expensive (as usual), Galaxy Fold will also be not very cheap. All this against the background is still not stalego in the world of coronavirus, national and economic unrest, as well as the fact that worldwide sales of smartphones in the beginning of the year fell by almost 40 percent compared to the same period last year. Now is expected to fall another 14 percent. While Samsung itself admitted that its sales also fell. It seems that she places great emphasis on the relatively inexpensive device of the series A, in particular Samsung Galaxy A51.

According to the latest rumors, which are very similar to the truth, the presentation will take place on 5 August and the smartphone will go on sale August 20. This will come not only a new Galaxy Note and Galaxy 20 Fold 2, but the 5G version of Galaxy Z Flip.

More confidence this information is on the background of the fact that these dates are close to those in which Samsung has traditionally held its presentation. However, there are those who doubt it and bet on September. These include, for example, Max Weinbach, who has already stated this previously.

The reason to postpone the launch of new products, can prevent timely release of the first party due to the fact that the factories have long been closed and is still not fully open.

Will Galaxy 2 Fold waterproof

Smartphones premium have long accustomed us to the fact that they have to be waterproof. The problem is that whatever premium was not folding smartphone, the nature of the hinge just does not allow him to be truly protected from water.

This may change with the Galaxy 2 Fold. Earlier this month, there was a patent waterproof structure of a folding phone, which is very similar to the Galaxy Fold, according to Let’s Go Digital. A patent for “Electronic device including waterproof structure” describes in detail how and where protect a similar device.

The patent also describes a camera similar to the one used in Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the possibility of using smaller size external screen. Apparently, this will be done for a cheaper model Galaxy Fold.

Cheap version of the Samsung Galaxy 2 Fold

If you believe all the same max Weinbach and Twitter, we are waiting for a cheaper Galaxy or Galaxy E Fold Fold Lite. According to him, the novelty will receive more simple features and a simple coating on the screen, but will cost only 1 $ 100. If indeed it be so, we can assume that this model will succeed. Many of those who wanted to buy Galaxy Note or Galaxy S20 20 just interested in the novelty with this price tag. It’s even cheaper than Galaxy Z Flip for 1380 dollars.

What will be the Galaxy 2 Fold

A couple of months ago there was information that the new Galaxy Fold may have a larger external display in order that users do not have all too often go to the internal screen, but all the latest rumors and leaks turn it down.

According to the latest data, the novelty will be similar to the first generation Fold. However, it is possible to use a narrower hull, which will still be closed inside and thus protect the external screen from scratches, than can not boast of Huawei Mate Xs.

In this case, the internal screen can take support of the S Pen stylus that will be very nice. But in this case to talk about the absence of scratches is not necessary. It will leave marks on the surface, even if Samsung will use a new generation of glass Gorilla Glass already in this generation. There is almost no doubt that the screen will be an option to have a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

According to available information, the main camera Galaxy Fold 2 will have a resolution of 12 MP (telephoto) + 64 MP (normal) + 12 MP (swearshirt). It will be the same sensor depth. The cutout in the inner screen is without a doubt to become more compact. Samsung just can’t leave it without attention.

If the rumors are true, the battery of the new Galaxy 2 will Fold more than in the first generation (4 500 or 5 000 mAh vs 4 380 mAh), and charging speed will be achieved at the expense of the 25-watt unit.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy 2 Fold

  • Main display: 7.59 inch; Resolution 2,213&215;1,689 pixels
  • Cover display: 6.23 inches; Resolution 2267&215;819 pixels (the original size of the screen
  • Fold was 4.6 inches)
  • 256 GB, and 512 GB of memory
  • 5G and 4G options
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 865 Plus or
  • Software: Android 10
  • Materials: ceramic, stainless steel
  • Colors: blue, silver, gold, pink, black

How much will the second generation Galaxy Fold

It would be surprising to see more Galaxy advanced Fold 2 at a much lower price than the original Galaxy Fold for $ 1 980, while taking into account the global recession in the near future, everything is possible. A cheaper model could potentially lower the price even more and attain those 1 $ 100.

However, there is a likelihood that the company will not put a low price and instead generously bestow buyers with gifts, which then you can simply cancel and start to make more money without raising the price.

Let’s see how events will develop, but the Galaxy Fold 2 is very interesting. It is not just the first experimental smartphone. It is the second generation going to show us how fast technology is developing and what is the likelihood that soon, many manufacturers will move to the production of such devices.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 может выйти уже 5 августа и стать водонепроницаемым

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 может выйти уже 5 августа и стать водонепроницаемым

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 может выйти уже 5 августа и стать водонепроницаемым

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 может выйти уже 5 августа и стать водонепроницаемым