Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ was the record holder for speed charging

Смартфон Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ стал рекордсменом по скорости зарядки

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, which was presented in early August, comes with power supply 25 watts. Due to this, the device charges to 100% in record time.

Details of the test. Resource Gadgets compare Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ speed charging with the predecessor and other manufacturers ‘ flagships.

In the test participated smartphones with different battery capacity: the Galaxy Note 10+ (4300 mAh), Galaxy Note 9 (4000 mAh) + power supply 15 W, OnePlus 7 Pro (4000 mAh) + power supply 30 W, iPhone XS Max (3174 mAh) + power supply 5 watts.

Results. During testing, the charging time from 0% to 100% of smartphones were like this:

• Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ – 1 hour 5 minutes

• OnePlus 7 Pro – 1 hour 25 minutes

• Samsung Galaxy Note9 – 1 hour 54 minutes

• iPhone Max XS – 2 hours 3 minutes

Despite the fact that the model OnePlus 7 Pro more powerful power supply, Galaxy Note 10+ compensates the charge by the algorithm. The smartphone is charging first at a power of 25 W, and then reduces it to only 15 watts.

Test smartphones on the charging rate – see the video

The assurances of Samsung, just 30 minutes of charging the Galaxy Note 10+ enough to work during the day.

Conducted the test confirms it: half an hour smartphone recharge time to up to 60%. Technically the flagship supports charging power up to 45 watts. That’s just such a power supply, the user will have to buy separately.

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