Samsung Galaxy S20 – the first smartphone with the “universal” quick-charging

The organization of the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is responsible for the standards of USB interfaces, announced Samsung Galaxy S20 first smartphone, which was certified USB Fast Charger. For users, this means rapid gadget charging with the use of power supplies other manufacturers.

The certificate means that the smartphone will be compatible with lots of chargers from different manufacturers that also meet the standard of Fast Charger.

According to representatives of the USB-IF, the certification process will allow users to jointly exploit the power of different brands and reduce the loss of power for quick charging of devices that support this technology.

Do any fast charging

Among the conditions to be performed by the smartphone manufacturer to obtain a certificate the USB Fast Charger, the support function of a programmable power supply (PPS) within the specifications of USB Power Delivery 3.0. Its use allows not only faster to charge smartphones, but also better heat control unit and charging of the gadget.

Therefore use can only be fast charging, which have received the certificate and meet all standards.


Note that the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus received the support technology of quick charging power up to 25 W, and Galaxy S20 Ultra supports power supply units with a capacity of 45 watts.

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