Samsung has announced the expansion of the functionality of the buttons Bixby on Galaxy S10

Samsung объявила о расширении функционала кнопки Bixby на Galaxy S10

Line of flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10 got the update that expanded the functionality of the buttons Bixby.

The new software improves the Camera Bixby, now it recognizes images faster than previous versions, allowing to obtain information about approximately a thousand different kinds of objects. With its help, you can find the user is interested in products and purchase them through the service “Yandex.Market.” Function got options 6 accelerated image recognition on the basis of AI – products, images, texts, labels of wine bottles, QR codes and texts in a foreign language. The new “Scenarios Bixby” allows you to automate the work of a smartphone and includes a handy constructor to create custom automation scripts, as well as a large number of ready-made scripts. For example, when the user arrives home, the smart assistant will automatically turn on the smartphone wifi and the ring tone and notifications, and in the evening will put the phone in “dark” mode.

Also update corrects a situation with a random keystroke Bixby. Now accidental activation of the helper are excluded and it allows not only to avoid not approved by the user actions, such as self-sending messages, or record audio on your smartphone, but to save battery life of smartphone.