Samsung has come up with a new way of text input

Samsung придумала новый способ ввода текста

Monday, 30 December, Samsung announced that it will showcase a number of projects that now works in the framework of the upcoming exhibition CES 2020 in Las Vegas. One of the most interesting projects is SelfieType. According to official information, Samsung have created a new method of text input.

How does the way from Samsung

SelfieType uses artificial intelligence and the front camera shaping to the user a virtual keyboard, the company said.

The method involves that users can type with your thumbs on the virtual keyboard without touching the screen. On the official Samsung website says that SelfieType easily adaptable to different mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Application of a new method of input

It is noted that this function can also work on smartphones, tablets and laptops of other companies, also has a front camera. Thus, it is likely that after completion of the project and its readiness for commercial distribution Samsung can provide this function other manufacturers.

The company said that SelfieType requires no additional equipment and does not use projection virtual keyboard. The movements of the fingers will follow the camera, and artificial intelligence.

How accurate and convenient would be such an input method, we will know very soon.