Samsung has developed a unique technology to unlock smartphones

Samsung разработала уникальную технологию разблокировки смартфонов

Built-in display, fingerprint scanners provide a high level of protection to smartphones, but even they can be fooled, using a variety of hacking techniques. New development of Samsung, appeared at the patent office of the United States, is designed to improve “line of defense” gadgets, significantly increasing the reliability of biometric sensor.

Published patent application of Samsung is demonstrating a new technology to unlock mobile devices using biometrics. According to the document, will be read from three points, not just one as in most modern devices. It is expected that this will significantly increase the durability of the gadget to cracking with the generated skin patterns.

The location of the sensors on the screen will be illuminated whenever the user chooses to unlock the smartphone. In addition, alternatively, the technology will give the device owner the opportunity to obtain access by replaying the pre-registered individual of a stroke or a simple pattern in the read area.

Date of the first commercial devices that support the new technologies are not reported.

Samsung разработала уникальную технологию разблокировки смартфонов