Samsung has patented new flexible smartphone: photo

Samsung запатентовала новый гибкий смартфон: фото

Samsung has offered one more variant of design of the smartphone, which is equipped with a large flexible display. Information about the new development was published by the office of the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO).

Resource LetsGoDigital has managed to create a concept of the new smartphone, which is based on the images of the patent.

The design of the device. As you can see in the pictures, folded the device is similar to a conventional monoblock smartphone, however, a relatively large thickness. Thus, our design provides flexible dual-screen tension: the user will be able to remove additional sections of the panel with the left and right sides of the Cabinet.

Samsung запатентовала новый гибкий смартфон: фото

A new patent from Samsung

Thus, in the expanded state the useful area of the display will increase by nearly three times. For the operation of the system will meet a special mechanism hidden in the body.

Samsung запатентовала новый гибкий смартфон: фото

New Samsung flexible smartphone will get an interesting design

Samsung запатентовала новый гибкий смартфон: фото

Not yet known when Samsung will release the full version of device

Other features and release date. In the illustrations you can see the selfie Cam above the screen and “home” button. About plans to release a commercial version of the smartphone is not reported.

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