Samsung S10 plus: features and benefits

Samsung S10 plus: особенности и преимущества

On the emergence of cutting-edge smartphone, Samsung S10 plus, the South Korean multinational company announced back in February of 2018 at the Mobile World Congress conference. Details did not reveal, but intrigued by the emergence of a series and new generation devices began to acquire rumors.

That said

According to the article in the Wall Street Journal, in a series of Galaxy S10 was supposed to go 4 gadget with improved design and specs. To learn a little more about them, watched parts of Chinese manufacturers, making the conclusion that the device will be as edge-to-edge screen.

Analyzed and coded device name – Beyond, because the brand itself these moments mean a lot: so, the Galaxy S8 called Dream, dreaming to surpass the success of “Apple” models. Beyond interpreted in different ways, waiting for either the maximum redesign, or literally “beyond”, and stop the falling sales.

What happened

in San Francisco 20 Feb finally announced the entire series. As it turned out, it was 5 devices:

  • Galaxy S10e;
  • Galaxy S10;
  • Galaxy S10 Plus – there are 2 options: in glass and ceramic;
  • Galaxy Fold – it folds;
  • Galaxy S10 5G version with support for wireless technology 5G.

Samsung S10 Plus and its features

The model captures: the display occupies more than 90% of the surface, and the image on the screen looks three dimensional. Moreover, the developers have removed more screen space, including the camera (it’s hidden inside) to work with the gadget did not detract from the user. And this with the dimensions 6.4 inches diagonally. Besides, device – great detail and clarity (resolution: 3040х1440) that provides even more shades when watching a video.

By the way, the blue color is muted almost in half to not harm the vision. Added night mode to make the screen darker.

And, the benefits of this top-end configuration is not the end. She got:

  • A new interface, One UI with it to control the device is now even easier. He works faster.
  • 8-core processor – it provides high performance even in modern games.
  • Protective glass Gorilla glass in the factory, which makes the case even stronger.
  • Impressive built-in memory – the stated maximum storage up to 1TB. RAM – 12 GB, and that’s enough, the phone worked apps without losing speed, launched the browser.

Also in the phone – 3 zoom camera 12, 12, 16 megapixels and a front 10 double and 8 MP. Special attention is given to the battery: with a capacity of 4100 mAh it is able to hold a charge at least daily. Moreover there is a reverse function of wireless charging, thanks to which the smartphone can charge other gadgets.

The novelty is already possible to pre-order when a gift is wireless headphones Galaxy Buds. The price of top-end configuration – 39 999 UAH.


In the Internet appeared the video blogger with the nickname handyreparatur123, which miraculously turned out to be a brand new S10 and S10e. He took them apart and showed components that were used in the Assembly. The movie is being actively discussed and gaining views.

Samsung S10 plus: особенности и преимущества

Samsung S10 plus: особенности и преимущества