Samsung smartphones will receive the main piece iPhone Pro 11

One of the features of the iPhone Pro 11 has become an Ultra-WideBand (UWB), which allows you to quickly share files between compatible smartphones and also serves as a locator to find other gadgets with NFC-enabled”beacons”. According to network sources, will soon a similar feature is going to get a Samsung smartphone.

NXP, which manufactures chips to support UWB, announced a joint venture with the South Korean manufacturer and other vendors, according to Wccftech.

Details about the technology

In its press release, NXP announced that the use of the new module SR100T will allow owners of the gadgets to interact with automated doors, locks, cars, lights, acoustics and other devices.

According to the developers, this technology provides great accuracy in comparison with analogues on the basis of the modules Wi-Fi or Bluetooth LE.


UWB also allows to estimate the distance to compatible objects and their position relative to each other. It is expected that the technology will work effectively even in crowded places with lots of signals, walls, people and other obstacles. The distance between the observed chip devices is measured by counting the time during which the radio wave passes from one subject to another.

Prospects for the use of

It is expected that by using UWB company Samsung, which is a new consortium of manufacturers, will be able to create their own alternative to Apple’s AirDrop.

What smartphones will support the technology

List of Android devices that support the new data transmission Protocol has yet to be announced.

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