Samsung will broadcast a musical show in VR

The company promises that the new technology will provide music lovers a completely different experience of presence. Besides live performances, they will also be available VR and AR versions of interviews and other additional material.

Samsung continues to develop the technology of virtual and augmented reality. While Samsung XR provides users with access to a comprehensive library of videos with a viewing angle of 360°. And soon to add to this the ability to view live performances by musicians, reports Venture Beat.

For this project, Samsung has teamed up with LiveXLive Media, which is engaged in the broadcasting of music concerts and owns the rights to the show 1,500 musical events. In addition to performances in the library is original content, including podcasts and interviews with musicians.

Combining technology with Samsung experience LiveXLive Media will allow music fans worldwide to experience a whole new feel.

The company’s promise to broadcast the concerts in the format of augmented reality, videos with 360-degree view and the holograms.

Demonstration volumetric capture Samsung XR:

In Samsung believe that in the future such content in the company called immersive – will become more and more popular. An additional incentive to its development will add to the spread of 5G.

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