Samsung will release a debit card connected to a Samsung Pay

Компания Samsung выпустит дебетовые карты с привязкой к Samsung Pay

Samsung company this summer plans to release a debit card Money Samsung, in partnership with the FINTECH company SoFi. On the map there will be no data. Samsung will release the Samsung debit card Money that will be tied to the Samsung Pay app, reports The Verge.

The map will be called Samsung Money by SoFi, it will be issued in partnership with Mastercard and the Bank The Bancorp Bank. The card is not the number, CVV code signature of owner and date of completion of service.

It is noted that through collaboration with SoFi, cardholders will be able to use 55 thousand ATMs in the Allpoint network ATM without a fee. Also have Samsung Money will not be a fee for the service, but the company reserves the right to modify this condition in the future, underlines The Verge.

A key feature of the card will be integration with Samsung Pay: customers will be able to apply for the card in the app and start using Money Samsung in the smartphone before you receive the card physically.

Also the app to check balances, view purchase history and to block the card. My opinion is that all accounts will be insured for up to $ 1.5 million in Federal Corporation on insurance of contributions of the USA (FDIC). According to The Verge, this amount is approximately six times the average warranty for debit cards.