Samsung will release a smartphone record capacity: what do we know

Samsung выпустит зарядку для смартфонов рекордной мощности: что об этом известно

Company Samsung Electronics has announced the release of two new power controllers for USB Type-C. the main feature of the novelties is a high power, compared with standard accessories for smartphones up to 100 watts.

Charger new type will be produced for smartphones and other devices – tablets, laptops, and monitors. New items meet the standard of USB PD 3.0 and provide the output power of the charger up to 100 W (20 V, 5 A). Built-in memory. to update the controller firmware. Both chips got surge protection. It is reported by Samsung.

What’s the special feature. Samsung SE8A – the first solution in the industry that integrates the power controller and the security controls in a single chip. The unique capabilities of the chip – storage security key, and encoding and decoding of confidential data. The chip also supports USB Type-C Authentication, which prevents the possible leakage of information when using unauthorized accessories.

Samsung выпустит зарядку для смартфонов рекордной мощности: что об этом известно

The new charge will receive protection from unauthorized devices

Samsung MM101 supports symmetric encryption algorithm Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for authentication of product and got a sensor for determining the moisture content of the environment for safe charging of devices.

When will go on sale. Controller MM101 is currently undergoing pre-release testing, and SE8A already entered into mass production. The first charger on the new chips will be announced later. The same heavy duty charger previously announced and the company Xiaomi.