Samsung will start selling Galaxy Fold in September

Samsung начнет продажу Galaxy Fold в сентябре

The South Korean company Samsung is planning to launch its latest Galaxy smartphone folding the Fold in September. This is stated in a Thursday press release.

Previously, the release of the new smartphone was postponed after received numerous complaints about the defects. Journalists, in April received the Galaxy Fold for writing pre-reviews said about a number of problems with the screen. Samsung then said that the problem appeared when flexing the device at the top and bottom of the display.

The press release notes that the company has since made a number of improvements of this model.

“Samsung took the time to fully evaluate the product design, to make the necessary improvements and to conduct thorough tests to validate the changes,” said the Corporation. In particular, engineers had enhanced the protection screen in place of the bending device.

Samsung said that the company is currently conducting the last tests. As stated in the press release, the Galaxy Fold will be available for purchase in several countries since September. On the markets the novelty will appear in the first place, the company’s promise to announce closer to the release date.

Galaxy Fold, the first folding smartphone Samsung. When folded the device can be used as a phone, unfolded it functions comparable to a tablet. The gadget has two screens: the amount of 4.6 inches and 7.3 inches. The first is designed for the operation of the device in smartphone mode, the second as a tablet.