Sanctions do not threaten Hungary

Санкции Венгрии не грозят


Sanctions do not threaten Hungary. This is the opinion of scientists. Punishment, under the 7th article is deprivation of votes in the European Council. But the procedure is extremely long and complex. And at one stage will need a full consensus of member countries. In this case, Budapest will be able to count on the help of Warsaw against Poland started similar procedure, and Budapest, in turn, talked about the readiness to protect neighbors from the sanctions.

However, the position of Orban in the European Parliament on the background of what is happening can be shattered: there is a threat of a split in the European people’s party faction, which includes the Hungarian FIDESZ.

Attila juhász, political scientist:

“I believe that the internal dynamics will affect not public speech of Orban. Much more interesting would be to know what was going on in closed meetings of the party, what promises he makes and the faces — for example, in relation to the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament”.

Orban can hope and change the situation in General: the procedures clearly tightened, and in may the following year, the European Parliament re-elected. In a number of European countries came to power, the movement, separating the position of Orban’s attitude towards migrants.

At the same time, the opponents of the Hungarian leader remind that we are talking not only about migration. The report says about the threat to judicial independence and media freedom, and about the abuse in the allocation of grants of the European Union.

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