Sandra Bullock – 55! Rules of life of Hollywood actress

Сандре Буллок – 55! Жизненные правила голливудской актрисы

Hollywood actress Sandra bullock today, July 26, celebrating a birthday. She turns 55. Behind this woman dozens of successful roles. Each of them – whether adventurous careers, whether romantic participants of the beauty contest – recognizable and unique. And as the famous birthday girl cope with the main role herself?

On the occasion of LifeStyle24 talks about the top 4 principles of life, the stars of the film sets. Perhaps they are based on a trait that you’ll notice it’s Sandra, not even looking at the photo with her is determination. I think her Hollywood star applies in all aspects. After all, he wrote, ‘ would we have about it now, if not for the success of bullock in the field of work and valuable advice in my personal and family life?

“In my youth I had no such experience, not to worry”

Recognition to popular today actress came when she was under 30. One of the significant events that gave Sandra the lucky ticket in tinobomose (which was preceded by work in a café as a waitress and coat check), – the appearance in one shot with Sylvester Stallone (fantastic action movie “the Destroyer”, 1993). After some time, the aspiring actress appeared on the platform with Keanu Reeves (film “Speed”). A new impetus to the already star gave the picture “Miss congeniality” (2005) and “Recognition” (2009), in which Sandra has proven her talent to acting in comedies.

“I was always focused on work, success and достижеNia . I have not had such an experience in his youth, not to worry, and to relax from exam to exam. Lived with the belief that if I do not act constantly in the tension, then nothing in life will not make”, – convinced the actress.

Сандре Буллок – 55! Жизненные правила голливудской актрисы

In 2009, for her role in the movie “the blind side” Sandra won an Oscar/ Pinterest

For such стараNia in 2009 career Sandra bullock came to the podium. For the film “the blind side” in which she played the foster mother of troubled black teenager, she was awarded the Oscar.

Even Sandra is producing. “By doing even this, I became disciplined. Now, in any case not late for shooting” – she confessed in one interview.

Сандре Буллок – 55! Жизненные правила голливудской актрисы

The most recent work of Sandra bullock – role in the Thriller “Bird box”/ Nia Chantal

“Just be a woman – that was the lesson”

Today Sandra bullock meets with photographer Brian Randall. While the pair does not legalize the отношеNia like deliberately not doing so for tabloids, who are eagerly awaiting such news. The ОтношеNia m actress was preceded by marriage to TV presenter Jesse James, who cheated on her. Also, at the time the star had an affair with colleague Matthew McConaughey, musician Bob Schneider and even younger at 16 years of age Ryan Gosling! “In particular, in the last отношеNia x I felt lighter. And I liked it…But our life together was impossible… And then I guessed that I can live, not to achieve, you can relax even while working, can relax and leave the constant attempts to be superwoman. Be just a woman – that was the lesson,” said Sandra Psychologies.

Сандре Буллок – 55! Жизненные правила голливудской актрисы

With photographer Brian Randall actress found a few years/ US Magazine

“Now I know what it’s like to be afraid every day”

Private children of Sandra bullock no. Therefore, with boyfriend Randall the past few years raising two adopted nine-year-old son Louis and seven year old daughter Lila. Incidentally, the actress first adopted while still married to the entertainer Jesse James, but this process was completed without him. In an interview with the Daily Mail she admitted: “Motherhood has changed me. Now I know what it’s like to be afraid every day. Love their children so much that he became very nervous. Having them in school during the day and worried every time you tremble when you hear a phone ring. Then I thought: something happened.”

According to some media reports, the actress is ready to adopt another child. However, official information on this yet.

Сандре Буллок – 55! Жизненные правила голливудской актрисы

The family of a Hollywood actress: she, her lover and two adopted children/ Univision

“I wouldn’t want to go back”

Apparently, spare time Sandra not only spends with her husband and children, or manages a restaurant in Texas, but also sums up life. “I feel like in 30 years. Only now I have become much smarter and more experienced, many have achieved. My days are so beautiful that I hardly wanted to come back. Even if I am someone will be well paid. And I hope when I turn 60, you can say to yourself that you are happy because healthy and love me,” says the actress.

Edition Lifestyle24 sincerely wants the star to reach such stage in life and be completely satisfied every time!

Сандре Буллок – 55! Жизненные правила голливудской актрисы

Sandra bullock in a photo shoot for Vogue magazine/ Vogue