Saoirse Ronan-25: success story of a young actress and outstanding role in the movie

Сирше Ронан-25: история успеха молодой актрисы и выдающиеся роли в кино

Almost the biggest dream of everyone – to find yourself, work with pleasure and achieve success. Today, 12 April, a famous actress saoirse Ronan celebrates 25th anniversary. And who better than her to know how at a young age to realize themselves by 100% and get some of the best roles in the film industry. LifeStyle 24 has prepared a success story of the actress and a list of movies, thanks to which she became famous.

She won the hearts of the audience, being just a child. After the triumph in the film “Atonement” (2007), its name never disappears from the headlines of the most popular periodicals of the USA, and his face periodically appears on the cover of gloss in the new Hollywood creations.

At 25 years old saoirse Ronan has already acted in 22 films, 12 of which played a major role. None of the experienced Hollywood stars at such a young age to compete with it could not.

The favorite of millions, winner of the Golden globe awards presented in the category “Best actress” at the BAFTA and nominated three times for an Oscar – this list of achievements speaks of her as a successful actress and a strong personality.


Saoirse Ronan was born in 1994 in new York city in a family of actors. However, the life of young parents has not been easy and sweet, so when she was three, they moved to live in Dublin, Ireland. It was there from the childhood to the future. But the long family in Dublin is not delayed. Subsequently, they returned to America.

An interesting fact about Saoirse Ronan (the full name of the actress Saoirse Una Ronan (saoirse una Ronan): Irish, her name means “freedom”, the second translates as “Union” and the name in English frezeruyutsya as a “sign”.

Her father worked in a bar, when he was noticed by a popular Director and offered to star in the film.

If you consider the fact that the girl’s father, Paul, and subsequently the mother, Monica, were actors, it can creep into the suspicion that your celebrity is saoirse Ronan is bound to them. But it is not.

Сирше Ронан-25: история успеха молодой актрисы и выдающиеся роли в кино

Saoirse Ronan with father Paul and mother Monica /

Often in his interview with the star says that her success story is not like the stories of other celebrities that she never dreamed of becoming an actress since childhood and I have not seen this in my dreams.

However, a contribution in her cinematic future father did. Paul Ronan saw the daughter of a looseness and a desire to be in front of the camera. After that, he took her with him to the shooting and in 1997 she first had the opportunity to be behind the scenes of the filming of the Thriller “Property of the devil.”

In one of his interviews saoirse admitted that the stay on set in childhood gave her much more than anyone can imagine.

Great I had so much more time to spend on the set, learn the secrets of their future profession. That is why I had no illusions about how films. This experience was very useful to me when I started to play a movie
– assured actress.

Сирше Ронан-25: история успеха молодой актрисы и выдающиеся роли в кино

Saoirse Ronan (2018) / Getty Images

Youth and early career

His first cameo role saoirse Ronan got in 9 years. Then she appeared in footage of the TV series “Blade” (The Clinic’) (2003-2004) and “Proof” (the Proof’) (2005). Somehow in conversation with the journalist, the actress admitted that after starring in the TV series “the Clinic” she was filled with fear that life will never happen again.

When finished shooting, within a few weeks, I was devastated. I sat on the bed next to her mother and thought that I will never be the same work. I was sad because she coordinated the team that worked on the series, never together, never,
– told saoirse Ronan.

However, a cameo role in the show, her acting career is not ended but had just begun. Probably the saoirse did not expect such rapid growth in relatively young age. The whole world learned about it after her role in the feature film “Atonement” (Atonement’), which was released on the big screen in 2007.

Сирше Ронан-25: история успеха молодой актрисы и выдающиеся роли в кино

Saoirse Ronan in “Atonement” / IMDb

It should be noted that colleagues Saoirse Ronan on a platform of steel keira Knightley, James Mac-ava and Benedict Cumberbatch – star of TV series “Sherlock Holmes”. And the distinct talent of 13-year-old Saoirse to acting skills and a clear ability to Express emotions in front of the camera could not fail to charm the audience and the crew. The success of the film was inevitable. The film was nominated for several categories in various awards, including Golden globe, Oscar, BAFTA and many others.

Today’s strip, in which children and young saoirse Ronan has played an important character, is one of the best war dramas. For perfectly executed the role of a 13-year-old Irish was first nominated for an Oscar.

The role that brought Saoirse Ronan was nominated for Oscar

1. “Atonement” (2007)

The events unfolding in 1935. A wealthy family spends the summer at a country mansion. One of the daughters, 13-year-old, Brioni, played by saoirse Ronan, has a vivid imagination and dreams of becoming a writer. She has all the chances to realize his dream, after all, a girl has a remarkable talent for writing plays. Once Brioni needs to show the play in front of their relatives on the script of one of his own works. However, at the same time, it monitors the events that occur in the life of her older sister.

Cecilia, the older sister, Brioni, secretly in love with the son of the former gardener Robbie. The mutual feelings of the guy, but they do not disclose their feelings because of different social status. One 13-year-old Brioni has witnessed a funny situation that happened between Robbie and her sister Cecilia. And at any moment could use these circumstances against him.

When their cousin Lola is raped, Brioni pointed the finger at the guy, the guilt of which it was not. Her imagination helped to finish what was not and most likely tell their fictional story. Robbie is taken to jail, and with the beginning of world war II is sent to the front. Between Sessilia, Brioni and inflames violent feud.

Watch the trailer for the film “Redemption”: video

2. “Brooklyn” (Brooklyn) (2015)

In the film “Brooklyn” saoirse Ronan was played by a young and ambitious Irish woman who is forced to change his native quiet village to bustling metropolis. In the story, Ellis Lacey moved to the United States to find work and get a chance at a better life. The girl has a hard time with drastic changes, but over time, Brooklyn becomes a place of refuge. She gradually gets rid of nostalgia for his village in Ireland, and meets a guy born of sympathy.

Сирше Ронан-25: история успеха молодой актрисы и выдающиеся роли в кино

Saoirse Ronan in “Brooklyn” / IMDb

But fate will play against Ellis in a stupid joke. Soon she will begin to feel the taste of freedom the American city, how will be forced to return home. Tragic news from his mother prompted the girl to leave Brooklyn and go home.

In Ireland, Ellis met with the second, quite another man. He is attentive, smart and intelligent. The girl confused in their feelings. And then she will have to make important choices that will be decisive for the rest of her life: to return to the city of freedom to Tony or to remain in his native Ireland with Jimmy. Feelings for both men at the same time tear the soul of the heroine into two parts.

Watch the trailer for the film “Brooklyn”: video

3. “Lady-Bird” (Lady Bird) (2017)

In the next movie, which brought the actress’s third Oscar at the time, 23-year-old saoirse Ronan played a teenage girl in puberty.

Christina is a high school rebel that his whole life suffering from stable misunderstandings with others.

No exception to her conversation with my mother regarding the choice of a higher educational institution, which it must do through the year. Because Christina wants to escape to the East coast and to organize their life in the heart of the culture, and her mother believes that everything deserves her daughter’s Catholic school, and later College close to home.

Сирше Ронан-25: история успеха молодой актрисы и выдающиеся роли в кино

Saoirse Ronan in the movie “Lady-bird” / IMDb

To draw attention to their wishes, 17-year-old Christina jumps out of the car at high speed, causing her life remains under threat. As a result, on the shoulders of a rebellious teenager dumped a lot of problems. However, this is the first reason for thinking that in their youth she did not understand what you actually want. Christine giving yourself time to solve this situation until the end of the school year.

Watch the trailer for the movie “Lady-bird”: video