Sapkowski advises not to expect too much of future seasons of “the Witcher” and confesses that not like to work

Сапковский советует не ждать многого от будущих сезонов «Ведьмака» и признается, что не любит работать

The blog io9 has interviewed the author of book of the Saga of Geralt of Rivia Andrzej Sapkowski (Andrzej Sapkowski). The conversation was hilarious: the writer answered the questions in his characteristic manner – rude, but honestly. Below we present the funniest of his statements.

Sapkowski, by his own admission, the work does not like the answer he gave to the question “How involved were you in the production process [of the series]?”:

Not really, at my own request. I don’t like working too hard or for too long. By the way, I do not like to work. “Let he who is without sin can cast the first stone”. The gospel of John – Chapter eight, verse seven.

• After the premiere of the TV show on Netflix popular books about the White Wolf soared, prompting the interviewer to ask how the writer relates to this. Sapkowski was a little surprised:

How do you expect me to answer this question? I in despair? Filled with tears? Going to commit suicide? No, sir. My feelings were pretty obvious and not too complicated.

• Compare the series with video games, Sapkowski, of course not – he never played in virtual entertainment. And even if I played, I could not call the pros and cons of these types of art because they are in completely different planes.

I can’t compare with video games because they never played. Since childhood I have not played any games, except for bridge and poker. Video games are just not for me, I prefer books as entertainment. In any case, in my opinion, TV series, and video games – anything from them – you cannot compare. They are too different in approach, creation and purpose. You can’t compare the spaghetti Carbonara with the bike. Although both have advantages and disadvantages.

• It is no secret that the second season of the series “the Witcher”is renewed for a second season, and all of them can be seven. What Sapkowski thinks about the future of the show?

Allow me to quote Joe Abercrombie (Joe Abercrombie) – the author whose books I like very much: “basically, life is fucking shit. It is best to temper your expectations. Maybe then you’ll be pleasantly surprised”.

Сапковский советует не ждать многого от будущих сезонов «Ведьмака» и признается, что не любит работать