Satellites of exoplanets may be life

На спутниках экзопланет может существовать жизнь

Astrophysicist from the University of Lincoln said that the satellites of exoplanets can be another candidate to search for extraterrestrial life. In his opinion, the nuclei of these satellites may become hot due to the gravitational attraction of the planets around which they rotate. This leads to the fact that satellites can be a liquid water even outside the habitable zone, according to Naked science.

To date, there are five candidates in ekzotik. Two of them orbiting exoplanet J1407b, and prompted the researcher to study the possible existence of life on them.

Scientist conducted a computer simulation of the planet’s rings, the size of which is 200 times larger than Saturn’s rings. He calculated the gravitational interactions between the disk particles and the earth and used them in computer models of the planet and its ring system. Then the scientist added in the companion system, which rotates at a different distance from the planet beyond its rings, to test whether changes in the structure of the rings.

The results showed that aktolun actually has an impact on the structure of the rings. However, according to scientists, these changes could cause other gravitational forces. Therefore, to accurately speak about ecolony the planet J1407b is impossible.

However, the same simulations showed that there is a distance between the exoplanet and the satellite where the gravitational forces are large enough and can cause friction in the core of the satellite, warming him. The heat that comes from the core of the satellite, it can heat the surface to a comfortable temperature. Such aktolun and may be life, subject to the availability of the atmosphere and the necessary chemical sadeniani.