Saudi troops have found a strengthening in Ukraine: “classified”

Войска Саудовской Аравии нашли усиление в Украине: под грифом "секретно"

Saudi Arabia is interested in secret Ukrainian tank

The project began to create in the Soviet Union

Saudi Arabia for 10 years interested in the Ukrainian tank of the latest generation of modernized “Note” (or “object 477”). How confident Autocephalous experts, our development is very promising and has all chances to be a bestseller in a mass bargaining weapons.

About this said the expert of the company Science technology Sergey Berezutsky. However, whether the contract is signed and when, is unclear.

The design of the tank was constructed in the Soviet period, but before then in order to further modernize and forming machines, the designers put major opportunities. According to the texts of the expert that directly participated in its development even in the distant 80-e, the object is now “classified”. Ukrainskie the government informed not once wanted to kick him to the parade, but every once became.

“Armor protection of the tank does has no analogues. Charging system, the gun is 152 mm, seven-channel management concept flame. On this date, the value of our military-industrial complex. In your own time form was based in the element base of those times: the display was a pixel the size of a fist. However, with the current electronics it is possible to make from her car, which reorganized the principles of battle,” said Berezutski.

The expert also added that we should extend the research and to begin manufacture of these tanks, as the need for it will be huge.

Recall that in the fall of 2019 Saudi Arabia will implement provera operational-tactical missile Autocephalous ensemble production of “Thunder-2”, and earlier in 2022 is going to start buying it.

The Ukrainian military has received more than 100 modernized tanks T-64. As you know, is the Foundation of military equipment of the armored units of the Ukrainian army.

“Kharkiv armored plant has produced more than hundreds of modernized tanks T-64 sample 2017. Now he comes into the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

Войска Саудовской Аравии нашли усиление в Украине: под грифом "секретно"

Войска Саудовской Аравии нашли усиление в Украине: под грифом "секретно"