Savchenko thinks about losing the election and when you go back to Ukraine, IMF: the main statements of the week

Что думает Савченко о проигрыше на выборах и когда в Украину вернется МВФ: главные заявления недели

The war in the East of Ukraine remains the main topic of discussion: the Roman immortal called it a failure of the model of European and world security, and Kurt Volker, the most terrible massacre since the Second world war and in the Balkans. Read the TOP 5 quotes this week from leading speakers in Ukraine and the world in a special material website Today.

Novel Immortals: the War of Russia with Ukraine is a failure of the model of European and world security

Ukraine needs to go beyond the existing formats of negotiations on settling the war with Russia, and make the conflict to the level of global security – this issue was discussed not only by the countries of the “Normandy format”, but also other world countries. This was told in an interview to “Today,” the representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of the Trilateral contact group immortal novel.

According to him, the issue of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, the Administration trump inherited the position of the Obama Administration: Europe has all the necessary institutions and Europeans must solve this problem themselves.

“Let’s put that as a problem for us, and for Europe, the war in the Donbass war between Russia and Ukraine. Let and the following issue – the completion of the whole complex of agreements involving strategic offensive weapons, the INF Treaty (Treaty on elimination of intermediate and short range between US and Russia – Ed.) Strategic offensive arms (Treaty on nuclear arms reduction between US and Russia – Ed.) etc. And, thirdly, the new order. Do these global issues component of the war between Russia and Ukraine? Actually, this is called the system of global security. Because in this case we have a local failure of the European and global security. The talks in Helsinki on strategic perspectives and the position of the United States to engage China in strategic offensive arms indicate that the security model in the world, Europe and the region does not hold water. So I hope that near the leaders of the world there are people who understand that the war between Russia and Ukraine is the failure of the model of regional, European and global security that must be addressed during the negotiation process, which has already begun on the strategic prospects for the continuation of these agreements, the establishment of a new secure order in the region, in Europe and the world,” – said the immortal.

The diplomat believes that Ukraine needs to conduct active negotiations in the formats that is (“Norman” and “Minsk”) and, in parallel, the Ministry should begin to actively work with participants of all strategic, continental and regional proposals of security modes.

Read the full interview with Immortal Novel: “Putin needs Ukraine in constant fire.”

Nadia Savchenko: the People freed me from all my duties, now I more don’t owe anyone anything

Fiasco odious Nadia Savchenko on 21 July early parliamentary election, its not only upset, but also relieved. This is evidenced by her unexpected reaction to the election results.

So, on his page on Facebook former people’s Deputy wrote that after her crushing defeat to independent candidate Alexander Kovalev on single-mandate constituency №51 in the Donetsk region, she feels “free”.

“I’m finally free. People freed me from all my responsibilities, and my conscience before him. I don’t owe anyone anything and it’s a wonderful feeling. I was freed from the shackles of times, but this time this feeling is incredible!” – admitted Savchenko.

She wished everyone a “liberation, and the road” and be responsible, when will come the day of reckoning.

Savchenko has also published quite a symbolic photo, where it burns its own campaign materials.

Recall that early elections to the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko, who announced his candidacy in the constituency, has managed to garner votes, only eight voters.

Boris Johnson: After Brexit, the economy of the United Kingdom will be the largest and most prosperous in Europe

The new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, during his first speech before the deputies of the house of Commons of the British Parliament made an important statement. According to him, a British exit from the European Union by 31 October this year will be a priority for the new government.

“Our mission is to carry out Brexit by 31 October, to re-unite and energize our great country, making it the best place in the world. When I call the United Kingdom the best place in the world, some may accuse me that I’m exaggerating, but it would be useful to imagine the trajectory on which we now stand. It is quite possible that by 2050 the economy of the United Kingdom will be the largest and most prosperous in Europe, in the midst of a new network of commercial transactions, the way to conclude which route we are,” Johnson said, adding that the new technology must also play a significant role for the expansion of British economic influence in the world.

Recall, Queen Elizabeth II has accepted the resignation of predecessor Johnson Theresa may. With her in protest against Johnson up their posts left the Ministers of justice, Finance and international development, as well as Deputy Ministers of culture and foreign Affairs of great Britain.

Kurt Volker: the conflict in the Donbas – the worst since the Second world war

Special envoy of the US state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker, on 25 July visited the East of Ukraine. This information was spread by press service of the U.S. mission to the OSCE.

Thus, in videokommentar released by the press service, the question of whether he is in Ukraine after a visit to Vienna, Walker said: “It is so”.

“I’ll try to make a visit to the conflict zone in the East. What happened to people, it’s a terrible human tragedy. This has received less attention. Already more than 11 thousand people killed, and several million internally displaced persons. It is one of the worst conflicts in Europe since worldwar and the war in the Balkans in the 1990s, and he is not getting enough attention. We need to see more support for Ukrainian citizens who live in that part of the country,” said the American diplomat.

Recall that in the Donbass from July 21, the cease-fire from all weapons. At the same time, the militants have repeatedly violated it.

Jerry rice (IMF) Mission will return to Kiev as soon as the new government will decide on the priorities of his policy

The position of the International monetary Fund (IMF) in negotiations with Ukraine on the resumption of funding remains the same. The IMF mission will return to Ukraine, but the Fund announced condition:

the formation of a new government and policy priorities. This was stated by the IMF representative Jerry rice, almost literally repeating the statement of the head of mission Ron van Roden on the results of the mission’s work in Ukraine in may.

“The team (mission. – Ed.) ready to return to Kiev to continue discussions after the parliamentary elections once the new government will be able to determine the priorities of his policy”, – said rice.

In the Office of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has noted, that Ukraine will resume talks with the IMF in September 2019. In this case it will, most likely, and on the completion of the current program stand-by and terms the following software support.

In addition, the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova said that Ukraine and the IMF are in active negotiations on the new program. According to the official, the stand-by program has fulfilled its function. A new package of financial support will be calculated for a period of three years, predicts Markarova. At the same time, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) reported no current negotiations with the IMF. NBU Chairman Yakov Smoliy stressed that the Fund will start after the parliamentary elections.

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Что думает Савченко о проигрыше на выборах и когда в Украину вернется МВФ: главные заявления недели

Что думает Савченко о проигрыше на выборах и когда в Украину вернется МВФ: главные заявления недели

Что думает Савченко о проигрыше на выборах и когда в Украину вернется МВФ: главные заявления недели