“Save our doctors!”: Because of the meager salaries of doctors suffer massively Russians

«Спасите наших врачей!»: Из-за мизерных зарплат медиков массово страдают россияне

In Moscow before the election, the doctors raised the salary from 60 000 to 100 000 rubles, and after she was only 35 000. It turned out, doctors have debt. In many regions of the doctors in the ambulance continue to get 20,000 on a regular basis.

The doctor is a noble and very demanded profession, not only in Russia but throughout the world. However, if in most countries the staff of the medical industry get for saving the lives of a lot of money and being a doctor is considered to be elite, here in Russia the salary leaves much to be desired. According to official data, only 20% of doctors get a decent salary, and 80% average.

So, in 2018 the average salary of doctors has exceeded 70 000. The average salary of the highest medical staff is estimated at 72 400 roubles, an average of 36 200 rubles, and the youngest – 33 500 rubles. In this case, the dispersion of average wages across regions is big – from 40 rubles to 500 176 400 rubles.

The regime is trying to resolve the issue with the salaries of doctors, thereby recognizing their real number. So, social media very often there are statements about a completely different situation, which is not true. One of the ambulance staff told me that his salary for saving the lives of 20,000 and a pension at the end in 25 years of work get 11 700 rubles.

An employee of the ambulance from Crimea was admitted to the salary is 23 000 rubles, and nurses from Ingushetia said about the salary in 20 000.

Though Russian President Putin instructed to increase the doctors salary, but in the end it’s not really happening. So, in 2018 before the election, the physicians got a raise. People received 100 000, but as it turned out, the money was borrowed. After the election the salary was dropped to 35 000 rubles. It turned out that doctors are paid 1/3 of the salary Fund temporarily and they will repay the resulting debt.

Anyway, the authorities want to fix this issue in the coming years. According to Rosstat, in the first half of 2018 the salary of doctors increased by 0.9% compared with the first quarter. From their well-being literally depend the lives of millions of people, but the Russians still massively suffer from meager salaries of doctors. With the request: “save our doctors!”, – people have not once appealed to the regional governments.

However, it is worth noting that some doctors still manage to get through. They begin to work in private clinics as a second job, and some open their offices, becoming successful businessmen. In any case, it may not work at all, and in any case the doctors are waiting for a real salary increase, which they have promised Putin, although the enhancement process is not fast.

«Спасите наших врачей!»: Из-за мизерных зарплат медиков массово страдают россияне

«Спасите наших врачей!»: Из-за мизерных зарплат медиков массово страдают россияне

«Спасите наших врачей!»: Из-за мизерных зарплат медиков массово страдают россияне