Save the cow Foam

Спасти корову Пенку

The Bulgarian authorities need to kill a cow bubbles while walking independently crossed the border and entered the territory of Serbia. The animal returned to the owner, but officials insist that the rules of import, she has no right to be in the EU.

The cow had crossed the border, no one tried to stop her

Ivan Haralampiev
the owner of the cow Foam

The owner of Foam Ivan Haralampiev thinks it’s unfair: “the Cow crossed the checkpoint Oltomantsi. Neither the border police nor the customs officers didn’t stop her. So it was in Serbia, passed through their checkpoint and no one tried to stop her”.

In Serbia, the animal was spotted by local farmer, which tag was able to find the owner. A cow in the sixth month of pregnancy examined of Serbian veterinarians, who issued a certificate stating that she is healthy and is not a threat.

After reports about the fate of the Foam began a campaign in her defense — first in Bulgaria and then in other countries. British The Telegraph writes that the supporters of Breccia collecting signatures on a petition against, quote, “heartless officials of the EU.” The government of Bulgaria say they can’t help: the law can’t even break out of considerations of mercy and humanity.

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