Say, a new book about Prince Harry and Megan Markle will forever close the door to the Palace: what’s it about

Говорят, новая книга о принце Гарри и Меган Маркл навсегда закроет им дверь во дворец: о чем она

“It seems that now [for Harry and Megan] no way back. Some very personal family matters are now covered in public, apparently with their blessings,” writes the tabloid the Daily Mail, with the parent company which Meghan Markle is suing for the publication of a personal letter to my father.

After the rejection of the authority of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was given a “probationary period” – the year to start an independent life with the ability to return to Buckingham Palace, if they change their mind. Sources of the British tabloids believe that the book “will destroy all hope of their return to the worker role” and hurt to resolve differences with his brother Harry, William and Kate Middleton.

Meanwhile, Harry and Megan never publiczno not talking about the desire to return to the UK as working members of the Royal family. Moreover, the representative of the couple said that the authors Scobie and Darn not consulted with the Royal couple and they did not contribute to the release of the book. “This book is based on my own experience of the authors as members of the Royal press corps and their own independent reports,” – said in a statement.

What is the book

According to the brief description, “In search of freedom” reveals why Harry and Megan decided to move away from Royal life. From the published extracts known that Harry was so fond of Meghan that after the second date I was sure that they would get married. Friends Megan say that she was immediately faced with prejudices in the family Harry. So, Prince William encouraged his younger brother to not rush into a relationship, fearing that he was “blinded by lust”. Since then, the brothers hardly spoke. Also Megan was “disappointed” by the fact that Kate did not accept her into the family: the former actress of “Force majeure” thought the Duchess of Cambridge is cold. Later, Megan is in tears told my friends that “sacrificed his life” for this family, but eventually Harry decided to quit Royal duties for the sake of peace and future son Archie.