SBU added to the case of Leros article on fraud – lawyer

СБУ добавила к делу Лероса статью о мошенничестве - адвокат

MP from the “public Servants” geo Leros, who published the entry with the brother of the head OP Denis Ermak, where he discusses illegal appointment to government positions on Monday appeared for questioning in the SBU, where he announced the merger of criminal proceedings on the grounds of illegal acquisition, sale, or use special tehsredstv information with holding on the grounds of fraud.

On Monday, April 6, said the lawyer Leros Masi Nayem on his page in Facebook.

“Today, 06.04.2020, geo Leros appeared for questioning in the SBU. Criminal proceedings No. 22020000000000065 open on the grounds of criminal offenses under part 2 of article 359 of the criminal code (illegal purchase, sale or use of special technical means of obtaining information). During interrogation, it was reported that this criminal case was joined with criminal proceedings No. 22020000000000066 on the grounds of criminal offense under article 190 of the criminal code (fraud)”, – he wrote.

He noted that Leros and his defense have decided to seek to postpone the questioning on the basis of article 135 of the criminal procedure code (the procedure of challenge in criminal proceedings).

“Geo is not currently refusing to testify. But we do not understand the logic (let’s call it so), according to which the SBU, and RRT summoned for questioning in the case with one qualification, and then combine, adding synchronously the article 190 of the criminal code”, – Nayem wrote.

Screenshot: Facebook/Masi Nayyem

After that, the management of SAP has opened a criminal case on the appeal of Deputy geo Leros to accepting bribes for appointment to public office.

In response to the RRG opened a criminal case on the application of Ermak distributing materials about the alleged selling of public office.

3 APR Leros came in RRT in the case of the film Ermak, but his lawyers requested to postpone the interrogation. However, once the questioning began, the defense of the people’s Deputy demanded his transfer.

On the same day the NEB more than 2 hours of questioning brother Ermak on films Leros. The lawyer told the details.