SBU and foreign law enforcement officers stopped the activities of hacker groups – Bakanov

СБУ и иностранные правоохранители прекратили деятельность хакерской группировки - Баканов

The security service of Ukraine together with partners from the USA stopped the activities of a major hacking group. This was reported by the acting head of SBU Ivan Bakanov at a briefing on 16 July, the correspondent of the edition “GORDON”.

“We want to talk about the example of joint work to neutralize quite a powerful criminal group, which specialized in the provision of services for “autostazione” hosting. It’s hosting, which holds the dark net – the part of the Internet that sees the ordinary citizen, but it is used by cyber criminals to steal your personal data, credit cards, hack the databases of law enforcement and government authorities,” – said Bakanov.

He said that, according to militiamen, the group was headed by a citizen of Ukraine Mikhail rytikov, who live in Odessa.

“This is a well-known person that a certain time was under the control of law enforcement agencies watched as the group made illegal actions not only in Ukraine, but also around the world. The leadership group consisted of about 10 people, they had many supporters and thousands of customers, the role of which in this case is necessary to establish… Mr Rytikov in the United States “have worked out” for 50 years in prison,” he said.

According to Bakanova, in the investigation took part in Ukrainian law enforcement and also the FBI and US Secret service.

Acting head of the Department of cyber security of SBU Nikolay Kuleshov has informed that SBU reasonably suspects the use of hosting Rytikov Russian intelligence agencies for attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure.

According to Kuleshov, July 11, there were 29 searches at the place of residence of the suspect and his accomplices.

“Seized 146 pieces of server equipment, routers and many more 10 Autonomous systems that have been used to conceal illegal activities,” he said.

Rytikov and another member of the group reported about suspicion in Commission of crime under part 2 of article 361 (illegal interference with computers) and part 3 of article 301 (Westie, manufacture, sale and distribution of pornographic subjects). They chose a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest.

“Rytikov controlled 40% of Russian dark net” – said Bakanov.

He said that it is “about the millions of losses in US dollars”.