SBU conducts searches in the companies that operate in the stock market – 24 Channel

СБУ проводить обшуки у компаніях, які працюють на фондовому ринку - 24 Канал

Thursday, October 11, the security Service of Ukraine conducts searches in a number of companies that operate in the stock markets.

On it informs edition StockWorld with reference to several private sources.

According to interlocutors of the edition, the staff of SBU carried out not only searches, but also pick up the documents.

In particular, we are talking about the searches in the companies “Ukrainian exchange”, “Univer Capital”, “AMC Univer Management”, “I-invest”, “Master Brock”, “Navigator-invest”, “ART Capital”, “OPEX limited”, “Krenkl enterprises limited”.

While officially none of the companies information regarding the searches they are not confirmed.

According to one source, which was present in the office center, where is the stock exchange PFTS, two floors, which housed the offices of the stock exchange, blocked by unknown people in masks.

Eyewitnesses say that investigative actions in the office of the Ukrainian stock Exchange are fixed on the camera.

According to sources, these companies, which carry out searches, carried out operations with bonds of internal state loan (government bonds) in so-called “group of the report, which allegedly aims to “disguise” the illegal origin of funds on more than 86 million hryvnia.

What is stock exchange?This is an institutionalized, permanent market on which the trading in securities. Activity on these markets is carried out in accordance with applicable law, the Charter and the rules of the stock exchange. Stock exchange is not a commercial organization and is not intended for profit. Its revenues are generated through the sale of stock, regular membership fees, exchange fees and fines. They completely go to cover expenses, maintenance, and development activities of the exchange. The most common model of the stock market is a private joint stock company.

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