SBU exposed the official of the national police that organized the export of fish from the zone of radioactive contamination of Chernobyl

СБУ разоблачила чиновника Нацполиции, организовавшего вывоз рыбы из зоны радиоактивного заражения ЧАЭС

Employees of the security Service of Ukraine exposed the official of national police on the illegal export of goods from the zone of radioactive contamination of the Chernobyl NPP. About March 20, reported the press service of the SBU in Facebook.

According to intelligence agencies, the head of one of the divisions of the Department of police zone around Chernobyl in the Kiev region started the export of commodities, particularly fish products, from the exclusion zone without passing through radiation monitoring. The illegal activity the COP drew police battalion for the protection of the zone of radioactive contamination.

Hazardous products illegally transported through the checkpoint “Dityatki” for sale throughout the region. According to preliminary estimates, the daily income of defendants amounted to more than UAH 150 thousand.

The chief of the police Department of the ChNPP zone declared suspicion in Commission of crime under part 1 of article 364 (abuse of power), part 5 article 27, part 1 of article 249 (illegal fishing) and part 4 of article 267-1 (violation of the requirements of the regime of radioactive safety) of the Criminal code of Ukraine, the issue of election of a measure of restraint.

The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in April 1986 has become one of the largest industrial nuclear disasters in history. On the international nuclear event scale, adopted in 1988, the Chernobyl accident is one of the two, which is estimated at the maximum, the seventh level of danger. Comparable in size only to the disaster at the Japanese nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1” in 2011.