Scallops: it is better not to eat!

Морские гребешки: лучше не съесть!


Scallops with mashed sweet potatoes and a sauce of orange peel

For mashed potatoes:

100 g of sweet potato

50 g cream

50 ml of milk

15 g butter

For the sauce:

50 g yogurt

150 ml of milk

15 ml cream

orange zest

For jam:

30 g of apples

15 g onion

20 ml of vinegar from cider

a little water, saffron and grated ginger

5 g of sugar


Boil sweet potatoes, mash, mix with the remaining ingredients.

To warm milk, mix with the yogurt and zest.

Boil the sliced apples and onions with additives to jam.

Quickly fry the scallops in butter.

Pour on the plate a little sauce from the peel, put it on a scallop and top with the spice marmalade. Serve with mashed sweet potatoes. The dish can be decorated with petals and leaves.

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