Scammers on OLX: Kiev denounced a new scheme of divorce in Ukraine

Мошенники на OLX: киевлянин разоблачил новую схему развода в Украине

Eugene from Kiev Potter shared in Facebook with a new scheme of swindlers in Ukraine, the victim of which he became.

A man was robbed in the train, and later a missing laptop appeared on the website “OLX”. After contacting the alleged intruder Gonchar tried to buy her own computer, however, the woman insisted on “OLX”, which is able to freeze the funds.

“A special operation” to return the stolen items he was able to arrange together with the police of Konotop in the Sumy region, where he was discovered missing computer. According to the man, helped him in this Telegram-bot OlxNotifyBot on his smartphone.

Because she refused to send a New Mail, a Potter decided to come to Konotop. Carefully planning everything, the man met with a girl in a cafe and after five minutes the laptop is successfully returned to its owner.

After spending about 2 hours on the proceedings, from Kiev went home. On his history he advised Ukrainians to carefully monitor their belongings.