Scandal FC Sumy: the club denies the deprivation of professional status and preparing for the match

Скандал вокруг ФК "Сумы": клуб отрицает лишение профессионального статуса и готовится к матчу

Football club “Sumy” deprived of professional status. This decision was made by the control and disciplinary Committee of the football Federation of Ukraine. However, the club claim that they were not deprived of that status, the team is preparing for the next match.

On the website of the football Federation of Ukraine published information that “according to the FTC’s decision PFK “Sumy” for manipulating the results of matches devoid of professional status. The team will be excluded from all competitions in which they participate”.

It was also reported that lifetime ban he received three player of the club – Egor meadow, Taras Duray and Sergey Gerashenko. Permanently suspended from football and former club President Rostislav Kozara.

However, in the “sumac” on the official website denied this information.

“PFK “Sumy” has not received any decision of the FTC FFU, moreover, there was not a single report of this issue and invite representatives of the club at the meeting. PFK “Sumy” has not received any decision of the Council of the League, Commissioner on the decision on deprivation of professional status of the club. PFK “Sumy” has not used its right to appeal decision because it did not receive”, – is spoken in the message of the club.

In the club said they can’t comment on disqualified persons, “because none of them has labor relations with our team.” Despite the fact that Egor meadow, Taras Duray and Sergey Gerashenko are the players of the club.

At the same time on facebook-the club page there is information about what the club is deprived of professional status.

Also information about what the club knew about the CDC meeting, which will address the issue of deprivation “Amounts” of professional status, confirmed by head coach Oleg Lutkov. He said this in comments to the Sport Arena.

“Exactly at 14:00, when he went on training, the management announced the decision of the FTC FFU. The reaction is usually, we were ready for such. Still getting ready for the next match, held a training session, we are waiting for a theory session, [on Friday, April 12, approx. ed.] leave at the Dnieper,” – said Oleg Lutkov.

On the website of the Professional football League of information that the match between the “Dnepr-1” and “Amount” will not be there. The game is scheduled for Friday, April 12. Kick-off at 18:00.