Scandal in Canada: Trudeau urged to resign

Скандал в Канаде: Трюдо призвали уйти в отставку

The Prime Minister was accused of “political interference” in judicial Affairs Canada and threats to ex-attorney General.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has faced the most explosive crisis in his own administration after the former attorney-General of Canada Jody Wilson-Reybold broke the silence and gave evidence in the case of the company SNC-Lavalin. As a result, Trudeau called on to resign, reports Bloomberg.

Ex-attorney General called the actions of Trudeau and his assistants illegal interference in the judicial system of Canada. In particular, for its approval, the administration of Canada tried to influence the proceedings and to dismiss the case against SNC-Lavalin. Trudeau is trying to justify the fact that he wanted to prevent the loss of jobs.

According to the former attorney General, members of the Trudeau administration had “political interference”. Wilson Reybold declared that resisted intervention because they wanted to defend the principle of judicial independence and the rule of law, but officials, she said, ignored her repeated requests to stop to raise this issue.

The Agency notes that the scandal Trudeau has already influenced the position of the ruling party, according to polls. But the political consequences at the moment it is difficult to predict, says Bloomberg.

Sam Trudeau on Wednesday evening denied the accusations, saying that never went beyond what is permitted in the communication with the attorney General and only cares about what the deprivation of contracts SCN-Lavalin extremely negative impact on 52 thousand employees of the construction giant. At the same time, the country’s opposition has urged the Prime Minister to leave his post. In particular, such a request was made by the leader of the Conservative party of Canada Andrew Scheer, urging the Prosecutor to make a case against Mr. Trudeau about obstruction of justice.