Scandal in school of Zaporozhye: the tinder fungus attacked with fists on the student

Скандал в школе Запорожья: трудовик набросился с кулаками на ученика

In the Zaporozhye school №92 during the class the teacher came on to vosmiklasnica. The children had to make a video and put it on the network.

Ordinary classroom work in the Zaporozhye school over the scandal. Police immediately responded to the video in which the shop is pushing the student.

However militiamen could not communicate with the parties to the conflict, and the parents of vosmiklasnica have no claims to the teacher.

Teachers say that the shop works with them for three years, still no complaints about his work were not.

Why pushed the student in the explanatory note it was written that the guy insulted him and he just could not resist.

The students said that the teacher could not find a common language with the students, yelled at them, so they often provoke scandals.

The man after the incident only came to school to write a letter of resignation, and even colleagues are not informed if he planned to teach next.

Prior to retirement he remained for two years, but it is unlikely the teacher after such a scandal will find a job in the school.

The disciples rejoice that they had escaped the hated shop class – no matter what the price.