Scandal MARUV: what happened and why she wasn’t going to the Eurovision song contest from Ukraine

Скандал с MARUV: что случилось и почему она не едет на Евровидение от Украины

Ukrainian singer MARUV in the first semi-final of the Eurovision selection show that its the person and the performance with the song Siren Song will be discussed for a long time. And so it happened – she won the National final and in 2 days I managed to visit the center of attention of all the Ukrainian media, after the agreement on the participation of the singer in the main Eurovision song contest-2019 and was not signed.

What happened to the singer MARUV (Anna Korsun) and as to the refusal from participation in Eurovision was the reaction of the fans and representatives of show-business, read the material LifeStyle 24.

Why MARUV will not represent Ukraine at Eurovision-2019

According to the rules of the National selection in Ukraine in 2019 were supposed to take part 16 performers – 8 from each semifinal. On January 22, when he was supposed to receive a list of all participants of the National selection, the singer TAYANNA decided to refuse participation in the competition, without naming specific reasons. Music producer of the Eurovision song contest in Ukraine Ruslan Kvinta told that there is no conflict between him and the singer was not talking about unfair competition then was not.

A few hours after the unexpected failure of the actress became known that singer TAYANNA in the first semifinal of the National selection will replace the Ukrainian creative team MARUV with soloist Anna Korsun.

Скандал с MARUV: что случилось и почему она не едет на Евровидение от Украины

TAYANNA and Anna Korsun – the soloist of the band MARUV / Photo: “TV guide” and Slava Vlasov

Immediately after participating in the network, it became known that MARUV not only different from other Ukrainian artists for his outrageous style, but also tours in Russia. So, in early February, she presented two solo concerts in Russia – in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Then MARUV stated that this will be her first solo tour in the solo career, but it has previously played in Russia, in particular at the world Championship on football Moscow football fest.

8 Feb singer MARUV presented his song for Eurovision selection called Siren Song. The provocative video for the song, in which she lies Nude in the bathroom and takes the song has been viewed more than million times in YouTube. The same success have other compositions – Star, Let me love you, Black water and others.

The first semi-final national selection of Eurovision

No less effective was her performance at the selection of the Eurovision song contest on 9 February. MARUV along with other members of a musical group has managed to really wow the judges, wearing jacket and stockings on suspenders. At the same time her image was supplemented with glamorous sunglasses and shoes with high heels. Show-ballet MARUV in similar costumes to the rhythmic sounds of the song performed very explicit dance. Men-judges – Andrey Danilko and Yevgeny Filatov – then like the performance artist, but Jamal said that this number is too much of a provocation.

The same evening MARUV gave his first comments about touring in Russia.

Everyone chooses his own way, how to bring peace. Someone chooses a weapon, and someone music. This is my way to carry the world
replied the soloist.

On the same day MARUV and other performers in the Eurovision song contest, who continue to tour in Russia, said Vyacheslav Kyrylenko. He noted that such singers should not participate in the National selection, in the event of victory, not to explain to the world that between Ukraine and Russia is no friendship.

The final national selection of Eurovision and win MARUV

In the final selection show on STB TV-channel Anna Korsun performed no less provocative number, changing only the stage image. Due to the political scandal around other finalists ANNA MARIA (sisters Anna and Maria opanasyuk) the entire broadcast was quite intense. Not without tricky questions of the presenter Sergiy Prytula to MARUV, who first asked or she offered to represent other countries at the Eurovision song contest, to which she replied in the affirmative. However, she insisted the opinion that only a true citizen of the country should represent the country in the main competition. After these phrases Pritula did not refrain from comments and again asked why she plans to continue tour in Russia if it is such a Patriotic position.

I have this question posted in many interviews. If you are interested, you can go online and listen to my answer. I want to again remind you that the Eurovision song contest just created after the Second world war in order for the country to unite and there was some General holiday, to share culture, and I think it’s cool and fun. Need to maintain them in the first place is a Song Contest, not political elections. It is better to go to the Verkhovna Rada, – said then its position MARUV.

The next question is from Jamala, will she name the Ukrainian Crimea in tel Aviv in case of victory in the national selection and participation in the main Eurovision song contest. This MARUV immediately found the answer is “Yes”. But immediately after her victory in the selection, where she received 11 points from judges and spectators at the first press conference she was unable to clearly speak what she thinks about the war in the East of Ukraine.

This is a very difficult question for me because my family lost there home, and it’s very difficult to say, but the only thing I want to say, I want peace, and that finally it was over,
– surprised journalists with his answer MARUV.

Watch the video of the speech MARUV in the final selection of the Eurovision-2019:

The next day the media reported about a possible plagiarism of the song Siren Song, which was MARUV, with songs by Calogero – Face a la mer. On the same day in the bookmakers on the results of Ukraine in the main Eurovision song contest has grown dramatically, lifting it to fourth position. New details also became known that the owner of the rights for the song Siren Song with which the singer MARUV planned to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest in 2019, the Russian company Warner Music Russia.

Failure to sign the agreement with the NOTE

This scandal around MARUV not ended. According to the rules of selection of participants in Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest, the first stage of selection of the winner belongs to STB. After that, the national public broadcasting company of Ukraine should decide to sign the final contract with the contractor, who in may will represent Ukraine in the international competition.

Monday, February 25, singer MARUV released a list of several terms of the agreement, in which, in particular, noted that the National television company of Ukraine, she will get nothing: no financial support or assistance with travel arrangements or international promotional support, nor visa. Some contract terms you can see here.

You have probably already heard about the contract between the participant from the Ukraine and NTU, which must be signed by today before lunch. I’m ready to cancel performances in Russia. Live answered all questions that interested the jury. I visited the Crimea in 2014. Didn’t break any laws of Ukraine. And ready to take on all the costs of participation in International competition,
– added MARUV.

Not without precedent – in the event in Ukrainian show business, responded and in Russia. After the question about the possible failure to sign the agreement with MARUV, the Russian producer Joseph Prigogine suggested MARUV to become party of Russia in 2020. Subsequently, the singer added that the same offer came to her from the other two countries. The singer was supported by many Ukrainian stars, in particular Potapov, Natalia Mogilevskaya and Ivan Dorn.

Despite the claims of Anna Korsun cancellation of the tour in Russia, it is still not admitted to the main competition in Israel. After 5 hours of negotiations between a NOTE and a team MARUV was never found agreement on some issues.

“Singer Anna Korsun (stage name — MARUV) won show of the national selection in the result of fair competition, and received the maximum score from the audience. Her performance was highly evaluated by music experts, representatives of show business and the audience. However, the singer who will represent Ukraine in the international arena, also have obligations: after signing the contract with PAO “NOTE” at the time of the competition, by becoming the cultural Ambassador of Ukraine and brings not only his own music, but also becomes the spokesman for the Ukrainian society in the world. After negotiations, PJSC “NOTE” and singer MARUV not found a common solution about the mission of the representative of Ukraine at the international song contest”, – said in a statement.

In particular, representatives of public broadcaster said that this year’s national selection has become signs of politicization, as “public outcry, pressure from the political forces, intervention in the debate of cultural figures and information structures of the aggressor actually has entailed the politicization of the results of the national selection”. The head of Public broadcasting Zurab Alasania stressed that “the task of the Public broadcaster is not the division of society” because it is with representatives of the NOTE decided to avoid the excessive politicization of the contest. Also now in the contract with the winners of the National finals will contain a new paragraph where the contractor should abandon the tour in the Russian Federation within three months after the contest, that is the main Eurovision song contest.

Such resonant news reacted, and she MARUV, which noted that the concerts in Russia could become a bone of contention during the meeting. However, the actress assured that they are not forced her to withdraw from participating in an international show.

As I’ve said before, the rejection of the concerts in Russia were not principle for us. The main differences resulting from other contract clauses that, if I sign this, will be my bonded. I – a Ukrainian citizen, pay taxes and truly love the state. But not ready to speak in slogans, turning their stay at the competition in the promotion of our politicians. I’m a musician, not a punching bag in the political arena,
said MARUV.

Who will go to Eurovision-2019 in Israel

Immediately after this the question arose, who will represent Ukraine on the international stage in Israel this year. De jure, it must be a music band Freedom-Jazz, which got second place in the finals (10 points). But a member of the National public TV and radio company Alexander Koltsov said in comments LifeStyle 24 that now the representative of Ukraine will choose from all the other 5 finalists, that is, Freedom Jazz, KAZKA, YUKO, Brunettes Shoot Blondes, and ANNA MARIA. Although, regarding the latter Duo have NOTE have the most serious doubts.

“We will consult our lawyers will talk with representatives of the STB on their recommendations because it’s their product, their shows and their jury. Approved and agreed by us, of course. And then we’ll talk to the management of artists (participants of the national selection – LifeStyle 24). And then take a decision”, – said Koltsov.

Also managed to get a comment representatives of performers YUKO and ANNA MARIA, who was distinguished no less scandalous in the selection of the Eurovision song contest. But what some managers that others don’t know any details, who can represent Ukraine in the world arena. The representatives of the same NOTE are assured that negotiations are already underway with the morning on February 26 and subsequently becomes known, who will receive a “ticket” to the Eurovision-2019.